How to Keep tabs on the stock market

Stock market investors, for obvious reasons, have an interest in keeping track of the performance of their investments. Large investment firms have access to expensive software that supplies data in real time. Smaller investors do not have this luxury, but there are still free tools available that can do the job just as well (almost anyway). These tools look not just at the stock market itself but the broader external conditions that affect the direction of prices.

Manually collected data

This is not the most popular method, but it allows you to focus your energies on the things you feel are important to the value of your investment. It could be a company that holds a large chunk of your portfolio, or the economic environment of the country you are in.

Stock tracking apps

There is an app for just about everything, and the stock market is not an exception. There are free ones and there are ones that cost a few dollars. “Stockwatch” is a popular choice.

Google Finance

Google has just about everything, including free software to track and manage your portfolio. The data is pretty useful and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Morning Star

A Morning Star Membership might be worth your while as this company offers well researched advice and data on the stock market.


There are also new companies out there that are providing new investors with free software that levels the playing field with larger ones. The tool is sophisticated and is comparable to Bloomberg’s $24000 per year stock market tracker.

News and Media

Bloomberg and the Finance segment of major media houses is also an easy way to keep up to date with the stock market. It gives investors a quick idea of any significant developments as well as expert opinions.